Working at FeatureX

FeatureX is disrupting the field of satellite image analysis and empowering our customers to make globally-informed business decisions. We allow clients to easily and inexpensively acquire and analyze satellite images and other remote sensing data. We work closely with major image providers to deliver comprehensive image acquisition and analysis.    

Using our tools, we help organizations build web-based applications for either internal use or for the development, sales, and deployment of SaaS applications worldwide. These organizations can focus on their business needs while we handle the licensing and acquisition of images and do the heavy lifting with regard to image analysis and computer vision.

Our goals are dependent on the successful development of three things: products, technologies, and teams. At our core, we attract scientists and engineers who value innovation and creativity, excellence in research and development, and delivering world class products with positive impact. Joining FeatureX means being a trumpeter of these values and a primary contributor to the success of the next wave of AI application. 



As a Web Application Developer with FeatureX, you will be responsible for building the company’s customer-facing tools, and translating the user experience into a working product. Our product doesn’t stop at the external API—in your scope, this is where the product development begins. If you can envision yourself accomplishing the following milestones in product development, we’d love to see you apply. 

  • Help design the user experience, the final layer of our product before it reaches the customer
  • Build web-based UI’s on top of the FeatureX API 
  • Work with the Backend Developers to build required backend components required by our applications
  • Develop new capabilities in our applications based on user-specific requirements
  • Perform A/B testing with new capabilities
  • Deploy, monitor, and maintain the web-based applications we offer
  • Participate in the Agile development process


A successful candidate will have some or all of the following attributes:

  • BS or MS degree in computer science
  • Advanced programming skills in JavaScript and Java
  • Deep understanding of RESTful Web services
  • Ability to develop user stories from vague requirements
  • Passion for building captivating Web Applications

Please Note

1. We are now hiring intern positions for this type of role. If you are seeking an internship, please indicate this clearly and specify the dates of your availability. 

2. We're currently only hiring people who are able to work in the United States.