At FeatureX, we are building products capable of analyzing every square inch on earth…from space!  We leverage relationships with large-scale satellite data vendors to obtain access to petabytes of satellite images.  We are building an analytics platform, agnostic of the underlying data sources, that offers insights based on the semantics of these images.

We employ cloud-based technologies and service-oriented architectures to build a satellite image analysis platform that satisfies both our own internal needs and those of our customers.

FeatureX software engineers have a passion for building scalable, robust, and intricate systems to support our initial products.  Joining the team will provide you with the opportunity to have substantial input on new product development.  You will be involved in the following projects:

Data Warehouse - Pre-caching of big data for low latency search

  • A custom solution to store the petabytes of satellite imagery that we aggregate

  • Efficient indexing of images and associated metadata to provide ultrafast access

  • Pre-caching of data to circumnavigate the possible latencies introduced by our vendors

Platform - 100% uptime service-oriented architecture

  • Multiple services (or micro-services) for each of the different capabilities we provide

  • Limited to no downtime

  • Support for the different use cases we receive from both internal and external users

  • Distributed SOA that can execute unordered transformation scripts

Analytics API - easy access to all of our tools and models

  • A versatile API that will allow for the following types of queries:

    • Show me all images with less than 5% cloud coverage of the greater Boston area

    • Show me the number of cars parked on Main Street as a time series for the past six months

    • Show me all the major changes due to erosion on the Cape Cod shoreline in the past two years

  • The API will support research needs to generate new data sets

Machine Learning Integration - high performance machine learning as an analytics tool

  • Incorporating state-of-the-art computer vision models to our platform

  • Large-scale use of GPUs

  • Backward compatible upgrades of new models as we develop them

Applications - custom satellite image analytics applications

  • Develop general and custom applications to sit on top of our API

  • Provide non-technical users the ability to perform satellite image analytics

  • Build web-based applications that provide a simple interface to our backend