FeatureX is disrupting the field of satellite image analysis, allowing you to easily and inexpensively acquire and analyze satellite images and other remote sensing data. We work closely with major image providers, such as Digital Globe, Planet Labs, and NASA, to provide comprehensive image acquisition and analysis. 

FeatureX puts a world of information at your fingertips.  Using the latest advances in machine computer vision, you can obtain critical geo-spatial insights about an area or topic of interest.  FeatureX can alert you to significant events, empowering you to respond immediately to changes in business operations, humanitarian efforts, illegal activity, or natural disasters. 

Governments, organizations, and individuals can use our platform and services to:

  • acquire satellite images from multiple sources via a unified interface
  • normalize the images to enhance visual detection of changes
  • align images from different sources, resolutions, and timeframes, allowing "movies" of a given area to be viewed over time
  • enhance the resolution of older, lower resolution satellite images
  • overlay images with maps
  • overlay images with outlined buildings, highlighted roads, bodies of water, farmland, urban areas, etc.
  • detect and count objects, such as cars and trucks, ships, shipping containers, etc.
  • correlate object counts over time with other time series, such as correlating counts in parking lots with financial performance of companies
  • perform multispectral analysis of land, providing estimates of plants and crops, growth, and drought
  • analyze forests, including tree types and counts of trees

We also can also provide client-specific datasets upon request.  Some examples include:

  • the location of every oil tank in the world
  • the location of every retailer parking lot in the U.S.
  • sets of high-resolution satellite images labeled with vehicle type and location

Your organization can use these measurements to inform investment decisions, policy choices, or academic research.  

FeatureX is geoanalytics at massive scale.

use our platform as a foundation for custom apps

Using our tools, we can help you provide web-based applications for use inside your organization, or for you to sell and deploy worldwide. We handle the licensing and acquisition of images, and we do the heavy lifting with regard to automated image analysis and computer vision.  You focus on your business needs. 

world's best image processing

What does state-of-the-art image processing look like?  One example is pan-sharpening, where high resolution black and white (or "panchromatic") images are combined with lower resolution color ("RGB") images to produce high resolution color images.  It turns out that "coloring inside the lines" is easy for a human, but extremely difficult for a computer.  Our semantic approach to image processing allows our proprietary algorithms to learn the concept of the objects (e.g. a house, car, or pool) in an image without any training data and then use that understanding to more accurately color an image. 

Add example of golf course near photographic quality.


world's best object recognition

Want to count the pine trees in a forest?  How about cars in a rental car parking lot?  FeatureX's advanced semantic object recognition algorithms provide you with unmatched tools to recognize small objects in satellite images.


Please contact us to discuss pricing for the services you need.  We provide deep discounts for researchers and academic institutions, and we support non-profitit organizations that monitor the health of our planet's environment.