Gil built his first computing circuits in middle school, his first computer during high school, and his first startup company while at University of Michigan as a computer engineering major. Gil is now a business executive with over twenty years of experience in creating successful AI-based startups. He brings to FeatureX a deep understanding of technology, quantitative analysis, and machine learning.

Prior to FeatureX, Gil was founder and CEO of Machine Insight, which developed proprietary machine learning technology that finds predictive patterns invisible to other machine
learning techniques.

Before Machine Insight, Gil co-founded Percipio Capital, a machine learning-based hedge fund that successfully traded in the futures markets. Gil also co-founded Optimax Systems, a successful AI-based scheduling company that optimized production in factories. 

Gil is an angel investor, and an advisor and board member for startups. He is passionate about building new technologies and remains on the cutting edge of machine learning research, consistently bringing creativity into the workplace and inspiring those at FeatureX to do the same.