We're frequently asked what makes FeatureX unique, and the answer is simple:  our people.  When the goal is to move beyond what others do with open-source libraries and truly innovate, a world-class team of research scientists and software engineers makes all the difference.

The research conducted at FeatureX pushes the bounds of what is currently possible in machine learning.  Our scientists experiment with, and have made discoveries in, the following areas, to name a few:  

  • Innovative structures for CNNs
  • General/discriminative adversarial learning (GAN)
  • Image Super Resolution
  • Autoencoders
  • Coevolutionary Learning and Rule Induction

Our engineering team is responsible for delivering this research to customers in the form of high-quality, real-world products.  Here are a few of the software projects that we are currently developing:

  • A Data Warehouse which pre-fetches imagery to minimize latency for the end user.
  • A Platform that uses SOA with 100% uptime and fault tolerance.
  • An API which supports time series analytics on satellite images.
  • Applying high performance Machine Learning models to petabytes of data.
  • Custom web based Satellite Analytics Applications.

If these topics and the FeatureX business sound intriguing, we encourage you to apply for one of our open positions below.  We'll be happy to give you more information during the hiring process.

FeatureX is a proud sponsor of Women In Machine Learning and we are also an E-Verify company.  

We are always interested in speaking with exceptional people.  If you don't see a perfect fit above, please get in touch.